A New Layout and Suggestions

Hi readers of Shekvrak, I’m back again from my stressful schedule of real life. Don’t worry, the writing is progressing in a forward direction so I guess it’s something. If you haven’t seen my recent post on Facebook, I do suggest you pop over to the page here so you know what’s been going on.

As some of you may have noticed, and I have received some feedback addressing the issue; the chapters are in reverse chronological order with my update posts disturbing the flow. Of course, we can’t have that, no no no. Therefore, I have made a quick change as described on the Facebook page -involving adding an index page with an ordered list of links to current chapters-. I’d like to see this change as a temporary change as I learn more about how to design, format and order the site (I’m not really that tech savvy). A more permanent and personalised change may involve spending a little more money into WordPress, money I don’t really have at the moment. So we’re stuck in this limbo of an intermediate until then.

Anyway, I have decided to allow the development of the site to rest in the suggestions of you, the readers! If you have trouble with navigation, or have ideas on how to make things easier for anyone else, please please please let me know! I will be more than happy to integrate these changes to improve everyone’s experience.

Therefore, let’s treat this post as a suggestion thread. Comment here, on Twitter, or on Facebook with your suggestions for improvement. Or just message me directly if you prefer.


Many thanks to everyone, have a great time!

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