A Short Hiatus

Good morning everyone,
I am truly sorry for disappearing for nearly a month, I’ve gotten to the point where I am flooded with assignments along with the increased need to study (I’m struggling to understand a couple things). Therefore, there has been absolutely zero progress in any of my writing. Apart from a lovely short story I drafted up not too long ago.
Anyway, to get to the point, there will basically be no new releases (apart from any short stories I develop) this year. Basically, Conflict has been placed on a little hiatus while I get myself sorted out and reorganised. I should be back on my feet and ready to keep going by January, with a lot of work done over the Winter holidays to prevent such hiatuses from occurring once more.
If anyone has any suggestions or preferences, please let me know! This is a story made for you all to enjoy!
Thank you all for your patience, I shall hopefully see you all soon.
PS that short story I mentioned has already been drafted. I’ll probably release it as some Christmas special.
To show that I have been semi productive during my very short free times, here is a quick art piece I made (I know, it’s bad, it just helps me visualise). If everyone likes my character designs, I’d be happy to release some more.anastasia-001

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