10: (Mis)Adventure Final

The morning sun calmly threw its gentle rays onto the Hungarian lands, a winter breeze pushing through the leafless trees and dew covered grass. Most wildlife had already disappeared for their hibernation while others fought to finish their preparations as fast as possible, leaving animals which had tolerance for the winter climate to take prominence in the area, filling the skies with their unique sounds as they prospered. Although, this orderly, gentle morning was broken with a sudden scream. A scream which described confusion more than fear.

Matias was sat up in his bed, holding his fully healed arm as he continuously screamed in disbelief. It must have been a dream, there was no way a broken arm could heal overnight, perhaps it wasn’t even broken? Just a simple bruise… Amazed and worried at the results of his sleep, Matias failed to notice the entry of his companions and the witch as he stared at the arm, moving every joint he could in the attempt to find the breakage.

“I told you, Matias, the demon healed you. To think your spear symbolises simplicity, you really are over complicating this.” Hanna spoke out to grab the Spaniard’s attention, her smooth voice easily calming the man down, almost unnaturally fast. Then again, it was something Hugo and Gabrielo would expect of a witch, although there was one thing that had piqued Gabrielo’s interest. 

A few minutes had passed before the group had relocated to the kitchen, entering the room to see a full breakfast already made up and set across the table. The two elderly inhabitants of this house were already digging in to their breakfast slowly, a composed and satisfactory expression set across their faces. With Hanna’s words of invitation, the foreigners joined the table, allowing yet another happy atmosphere to develop over such a serious and destructive aura.

“So, Matias, do you understand now?” Hugo brought the conversation back to a serious note as he swallowed his last bite, a slightly worried expression momentarily given as Hanna glared, noticing his attempts to steal the spotlight of teaching.

“Hugo. I don’t appreciate your means of teaching, do a better job before I nullify this contract.” The witch threatened, her eyes closed as she majestically sipped her tea,

“Wait, you can do that?” Hugo was definitely worried, his body quickly turned to face the witch as he was about to give panicking words, only to be interrupted by a small, smug giggle,

“Of course I can’t, your father made sure it was impossible.”

“Anyway,” Gabrielo jumped in to the conversation, bringing the subject back to how it should be, “It seems that Matias has finally accepted this… Ayna.”

“Yeah, I get it. I got a demon in my spear and it stops me from dying, I want to know how to use this power to punch harder.”

“I’m not even surprised at this violent nature of yours anymore,” Hugo sighed, pushing his cup forward a little as a request for more tea to be poured for him.

“Hanna.” Gabrielo continued on, addressing the witch, “I have a couple questions I must ask before we leave, which I guess will be after this conversation,”

Hugo nodded to confirm Gabrielo’s assumption at the end of his sentence, allowing Hanna to wave her hand as means of allowance, “Go on…”

“What do you mean when you said to Matias ‘Symbolising simplicity’? And what is this contract you mentioned?”

“Ah,” Hanna realised that she had missed out some information which could be considered important, her hands clapped together as she cocked her head to the side as means of apology, “The spears symbolise an element and a trait. Matias’ symbolises Metal and Simplicity. Yours symbolises Water and Imagination. Hugo’s symbolises Air and Choice.”

Gabrielo thought for a moment, taking in the information slowly as his mind processed every last letter that was spoken. Some of this was making sense, and it seemed that these traits were predominant in the users, “What about the spears we’re chasing down?”

“What do they look like?”

Gabrielo explained each spear to as much as he could remember, the scythe and multi-protrusion spears were easier to describe while the third was more described as ‘like mine, but shaped more like a chalice’.

“Oh…” Hanna’s face seemed to fall to concern as she looked down to the table, she had fallen completely silent as she thought hard about these spears, “Those spears… They have a collective meaning.”

“So what are they?” Gabrielo pushed, leaning forward as his curiosity got the best of him, “What is with that reaction? Why?”

“The three spears of Fate.” Hanna snapped, “The spear of sound -Garth’s- symbolises destruction. The spear of fire -Damien’s- symbolises prosperity. The spear of death -John’s- symbolises control.”

“Why are you suddenly so-”

“These spears have a massive impact on the entire world. They could even lead to the destruction of everything as we know it. They must be locked away.” Hugo interrupted, saving Hanna the pain as she seemed to struggle with even breathing, his hand rested on the witch’s shoulder as means to comfort her, “Everyone with an advanced understanding knows to fear those spears. Or at least know that they can’t be left out there.”

“Every spear user which can wield the spears of fate have something wrong with them,” Hanna added, her voice slowly regaining its composure, “Their minds are broken, they obsess over a single goal, they don’t care.”

“So you’re saying we’re hunting down some madmen?” Matias had a hard time making sense of the conversation, the information simply went in one ear and left the other,

“Pretty much,” Hugo nodded, “Don’t worry, if we get them early enough, they’d know too little about the spears to be a threat to us.” He stood from his seat, finishing his fifth cup of tea in the process, “Now, we must get going before we trouble Hanna even further.”

“Wait, what about this ‘contract’?”

“I’ll tell you on the way, we’re going to walk to Nanling.”

“Walk?!” Matias shouted, “We can’t just walk across the world! It’s crazy!”

“This journey will prepare you two, it will teach you both how to use the spears while granting experience in the acts of Ayna. By the time we arrive at Nanling, you two would be around the same level as me.” Hugo explained quickly, ushering the two Iberians to get out of their seats and collect their spears. Hanna joined the three in standing, a smile adorned across her face as she patted Hugo on the back,

“Now I hope you’ll stop being lazy and teach these two.” She stated as some form of malicious aura floated around her caring expression,

“Y-yeah. They aren’t stupid, well, one of them isn’t. Now that they know about Ayna, they won’t question my methods.” The Frenchman was still intimidated by the short witch, he knew what she could do to him, and he obviously didn’t want that to happen.

“Alright, to the Ottoman Empire.”

A large Indian styled villa placed on top of a hill, greenery surrounded the great construction in the form of palm trees and luscious green grass, small hedges cut perfectly in shape lined all pathways that stretched across the entire villa while a large scale plantation populated the land below. It was mid day in the land of Ceylon, the sun harshly shone down from above, heating everyone unlucky enough to be caught in its rays.

Although the villa seemed inviting, well kept, controlled, the inside proved that looks can be deceiving. The windows were permanently covered by curtains, candles were left unlit as darkness took control over this secondary world. Sounds of suffering was all that could be heard, crying, screaming, moaning. Children were used guards, patrolling the dark hallways of this labyrinth of a villa, guarding every single room as they ignored the sounds that came from inside. Each room being filled with women, each woman ravaged and abused by a single man, those who fell pregnant would simply be dragged from the room to work on simpler duties until the child had been born.

Within the master bedroom, on the queen sized bed, knelled a single white man. Long brown hair left in a mess spread down his head as his brown eyes seemed black in the low light. The man was forcing himself inside a native woman while several others around them watched. At first there seemed to be hints of resistance, until they had given up, too weak to show the lack of consent. “Come on, bitch,” The man punched the woman in the face, “You’re supposed to be enjoying the honour of my fucking you.” He shouted, ignoring the tears that slowly fell down his victim’s face, flinching as a second hand was raised before giving off fake sounds of enjoyment, trying her best to seem like she was enjoying herself.

A butler entered the room, carrying a single letter in one hand as they approached the bed, essentially interrupting the scene as several faces turned to inspect the new appearance. Including the white man himself. “You got some nerve to interrupt my work,”

“Sir, I am sorry to interrupt but you have a letter from the Illuminati. And it seems to be important.” The butler explained, struggling to keep his voice calm as the glare from his boss began to intensify.

“What does that Spanish prick want now?” The boss spoke as he pushed the woman from his bed to the floor before taking the letter. He paced across the room as he read, each woman flinched as he moved closer to them, “So there’s some Englishmen on the way to Nanling? And an insider reported that they’ll be stopping in Cod Bay… Why the fuck would I care? They want me to kill them.”

The man slowly crouched before one of the women, staring into her bruised face. “There’s a little problem here, don’t you think?” He questioned rhetorically, grabbing the women by her dark hair, pulling her close to his face. “What’s the problem with me killing people?”

“Y-you don’t kill p-people. You bring l-life.” She stuttered, struggling to speak through her pain. Yet, she seemed satisfied, happy to have managed to answer her master’s question, only to be thrown to the floor.

“That’s right. I am Alexander, of Life! I don’t kill people!” He seemed overly happy with himself, despite the suffering that surrounds him, he was proud of what he does. Raising his arms in some god like fashion as everyone around him quickly lowered their heads out of simple instinct, “Oh, there’s more in the letter.” He realised as he noticed the paper was double sided, finishing the message with a giant smile of excitement. A smile so large and sharp that it could rip his cheeks open,

“So I don’t have to kill them. Just return their spears to the Spanish.” He turned to the butler, “Prepare the influence party and twenty coloured women, we’re going to Cod Bay. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a white man.”


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