Welcome to Shekvrak

The Universe of Shekvrak is a collective hub of stories set in a single universe. These stories are organised into either serials, such as Conflict, or some short stories set within the same parameters, laws and lore of the universe. It is hoped that the reading community of Shekvrak would be happy to leave feedback and recommendations on the stories which are under work or being released, all ideas are welcomed and considered.

I, Shekvrak, would love to hear the feedback of my readers and plan to interact with my readers in comments or, mainly, on Twitter. At the moment, there are several plans on current and future stories to be released in this universe and I would truly appreciate the advice from my readers about how to go about this work. For one major idea I have planned: A ‘Guide’, in which character profiles and explanations of the lore and laws of the universe are made in order to summarise past and future developments for the ease of understanding. I admit, there is a large amount of information present in this universe which would soon be made public within the Conflict series.

To give off a few personal details, I am currently a university student. Meaning that work on my degree takes priority over writing, but I am sure to find an equal set of focus when it comes to writing. That is why Sunday has been chosen as the day of release every week, however this may be extended further to every fortnight depending on the circumstances of work. I would also extremely appreciate contact from my audience, reassuring me on my writing in order to keep my spirits up.


Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.